are our first two online offerings. Together, we offer a well-seasoned depth of experience in hosting transformational spaces. Mary Alice Arthur and Holger Scholz have decades of experience working with groups and individuals around personal and organisational transformation.

We launched the first live version -- IMAGINE 2019 together with our friend and colleague Amy Lenzo. Amy Lenzo is an expert at creating safe, intimate and sacred space in the digital realm. We had so much fun -- and we heard so many stories of amazing transformation that we decided to offer IMAGINE as a stand-alone online course.

IMAGINE offers the online campfire for us to meet, define our dreams and set the groundwork for success. IMAGINE is online now.

FREEDOM is our second adventure designed to stretch the boundaries and help you take the leap you've been longing for. With all the urgent issues in the world and in your life asking for attention, it can be a challenge to remember that freedom is a choice. Freedom begins with you. Practicing your own freedom can ignite great change in yourself and in the world. It includes eight self-paced modules and a worldwide community waiting to welcome you! FREEDOM is online now.


is a collaboration between Mary Alice and Holger. It is our heartfelt wish to make the wonderful tools and practices we’ve learned and developed in our careers available to people all over the planet.  Becoming-U is our collaboration and play space, a place where we can let our creativity loose and our imaginations run wild. We are busy dreaming up ways to invite our participants and collaborators into their highest expressions for exponential effect. Simple tools and potent practices for people who want to make a difference. We are offering our work both in person and online.

Join us for IMAGINE and FREEDOM now.